4/3(月)午前9:30~【NHK WORLD】Where We Call Home 「Caring for Patients Like Family(家族のように看護したい)」


 千葉県柏市の病院で看護師として働くベトナム人のグエン・クオック・ダム(Nguyen Quoc Dam)さん。

ドキュメント【プロデューサー】永野浩史, 【ディレクター】金澤佑太, 【アシスタントディレクター】榎本隆宏

ワークぺディアジャパン!【プロデューサー】斉藤宏一, 【ディレクター】土井研作

On this episode, we meet Nguyen Quoc Dam, a nurse in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture. Nine years ago, Dam took advantage of an economic partnership between his native Vietnam and Japan and was the first Vietnamese to become a certified nurse in his country of adoption. Along with taking care of patients' health, Dam puts effort into helping them cope with the loneliness that comes with hospitalization. We also follow Australian William Rhodes in his work as a garbage collector in Musashino, Tokyo.

Document【Producer】Hiroshi Nagano, 【Director】Yuta Kanazawa,【Assistant director】Takahiro Enomoto

WORKPEDIA JAPAN!【Producer】Koichi Saito, 【Director】 Kensaku Doi

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患者さんの状態だけでなく食事など身の回りまで献身的なサポートを行っている/ In addition to caring for patients' health, nurses also suport them with daily needs


ダムさんは患者さんとのリハビリ時も積極的に声掛けを行う/ Dam proactively communicates with the patients when doing things like rehabilitation exercises


家族に会いたい患者さんの心身を支え、感謝される/Patients who can't be with their families are thankful for the continuous moral support Dam provides.


【WORKPEDIA JAPAN!】ウィリアムさんは掃除が行き届いた街の光景は大好きだと語る/ William says there's nothing like the sight of a tidied-up neighborhood.

(Referenced from NHK website)